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(TOP 13) Best Mountain Bike Grips To Ride With

When taking out your old mountain bike, give your grips a good look. Are they worn out? Tearing? Do you need new grips?

Well you’ve come to the right place!

We can help you find new, better grips today!

Best mountain bike grips Reviews 2020

Why Are Mountain Bike Grips Important?

Bike grips are always important when it comes to biking. Without grips, you’re at risk of falling off your bike mid-ride. You can also seriously hurt your hands and wrists if you use a bicycle without any grips.

With grips, you also have lessened vibration. When it comes to mountain biking, grips are especially important because they give you security as you ride on dangerous trails. You need grips more than ever when you ride on trails and mountains, so you cannot afford to go biking without mountain biking grips.

Mountain Bike Grips Vs. Normal Grips

What sets mountain bike grips apart from normal bike grips? Both of them are built to support you as you ride your set of wheels down the street or dirt trail. They’re both also meant to keep you comfy as you hold on to the handles of your bicycle.

These are both true statements, but mountain bike grips are still much stronger than normal bike grips. Mountain bike grips are designed to be sturdier and more comfortable for your hands. Riding a mountain trail is much more dangerous than riding down the street.

Basically, mountain bike grips are more industrial-grade and suited for more rigorous activities.

Materials For Mountain Bike Grips

There are different materials that you mountain bike grips can be made out of. What they’re made of can determine your level of satisfaction with the product. Let’s get started with the most obvious, common choice; rubber.

Rubber is the most popular material choice for mountain bike grips because of how sturdy and strong it is. Rubber can also be very comfortable if made thin enough. But a lot of the time, rubber is made thick so you have to really grasp it to have a good hold of it.

Soft plastic is another material that mountain bike grips can be made out of. Bear in mind, however, that plastic isn’t as strong as rubber, nor is it as comfortable. Soft plastic grips are often found on normal bicycles.

Foam grips are much softer and do have their own level of security. However, they’re not very durable and can easily be crushed by your grasp. Foam grips are ideal for younger riders, such as children.

Gel bike grips are very durable and secure for mountain bikes. They are also very comfortable to hold on to for a while. They’re not very commonly sold, so you have to look hard to find them.

Leather grips are also very rare to find, but they are among the most secure, safe bike grips in the world. They’re not the most comfortable, but they guarantee your safety. You’ll likely find them either online or in sporting goods stores.

Aluminum alloy is often found in bike grips that utilize locking mechanisms. They pop on and then you can screw them into place. Simple as that!

Types of Mountain Bike Grips

There are two different types of mountain bike grips on the market. They are separated by the fact that they are put on in two different ways. But what’s the difference between the two types?

Lock-On: Lock-On bike grips come with their own wrench and lock system. What you do is you push the rubbery grip onto the handlebar and then screw the locking mechanism into place. This is to ensure that the grips are locked in tightly and are secured.

These biking grips are a favorite amongst people because they’re more fastened and secured than Push-On grips.There’s no concern about them falling off while biking. They’re totally safe!

Push-On: Push-On grips are precisely what you think they are. You just push them onto the handlebar and huzzah! They’re locked into place.

While these grips are easy to use, they aren’t as secure as Lock-On grips are. This doesn’t mean that they will fall off or anything, it just means that they’re not as secure. Everyone has their preferences!

Which is why we can’t say that one of them is better than the other. All grips are made differently, so it’s up to you to decide which one is better. After all, locking mechanisms have their own problems that Push-On grips do not have!

Top 13 Mountain Bike Grip Comparison Chart

scmtbl-table__imageTOPCABIN Bicycle Grips
  • Our Rating : #1 (Editor’s Choice!)
  • Materials : Rubber/ Aluminum Alloy
  • Rubber : 130MM
scmtbl-table__imageOUTERDO New Handlebar Grips
  • Our Rating : #2
  • Materials : Rubber
  • Rubber : 21MM
scmtbl-table__imageRaceFace Half Nelson Locking Grips
  • Our Rating : #3
  • Materials : Rubber/ Metallic Locks
  • Rubber : 35MM
scmtbl-table__imageVktech 2pcs Non Slip Soft Rubber Mountain Bicycle Handlebar MTB Bike Handle Grips
  • Our Rating : #4
  • Materials : Rubber
  • Rubber : 22.2MM
scmtbl-table__imageVans x Cult Flangeless Bike Grips
  • Our Rating : #5
  • Materials : Rubber
  • Rubber : 143MM

#1. TOPCABIN Bicycle Grips

The top biking champion on our list of the best mountain bike grips is none other than TOPCABIN. They may be super cheap grips, but that doesn’t mean they’re cheap in quality. These grips are stronger than you may think.

While not suited for people with larger hands, TOPCABIN bike grips are still the ideal for those with smaller hands, like women. They come with a wrench for the locking mechanisms that screw on with ease on your handles. And these grips come in multiple colors! Talk about options!


  • Super affordable.
  • Comes with locking mechanisms.
  • Very durable grips.
  • Comes with a wrench for locks.
  • Comes in five colors!


  • Not the best option for those with big, rough hands.

#2. OUTERDO New Handlebar Grips

OUTERDO bike grips are stalwart companions to have with you wherever you go biking. Their shock-resistant materials are all you need to have a firm, but easy grip on your set of wheels. Check here http://www.arriveinstyleaz.com/. They’re also skidproof, so you won’t hurt yourself with these babies.

These particular bike grips from OUTERDO come in a one size fits all deal, so you can use these grips with just about any bicycle. They’re a bit thin, but that’s to keep your hands comfortable are you use them. After all, thick grips can hurt your wrists after a while!


  • Comes in three colors.
  • One size fits all.
  • Skidproof.
  • Shock-resistant.


  • Too thin for some people’s liking

#3. RaceFace Half Nelson Locking Grips

For easy slip-ons and locking mechanisms, look no further than at Raceface. Raceface is a fan favorite amongst cyclists around the globe. Thanks to the flimsy grips, locking them into place is a snap. You also don’t have to worry about hurting your hands, as these grips are very soft and delicate.

These grips come in 10 different colors, as well. There’s black, blue, green, grey, orange, red, turquoise, white, and yellow. You have a load of options, basically!


  • Lightweight design makes it easy to slip onto handles.
  • Locking mechanism keeps grips securely fastened.
  • Comes in 10 different colors!


  • Not very durable when compared to other grips.

#4. Vktech 2pcs Non Slip Soft Rubber Mountain Bicycle Handlebar MTB Bike Handle Grips

When it comes to healthy and safe bicycle grips, you can look no further than here. VKTech bike grips are precisely what you need for long biking adventures. Not only are you safe from slipping, but you’re also safe from bacteria.

You see, VKTech grips are made with antibacterial rubber that protects your skin. Mix that up with the non-slip technology and you’re in for one safe ride through the mountains. Give it a try today!


  • Antibacterial materials.
  • Non-slip grip is easy to put on and remove.
  • Maximum traction control.


  • Grips aren’t as durable as others.

#5. Vans x Cult Flangeless Bike Grips

If you’re looking for a durable, but softer alternative to the other options on this list, you can go with Vans x Cult. These grips are just what your hands need to feel both comfortable and secure as you ride through the mountains. And they can be bought for a bargain!

You can buy these grips in multiple colors. You can go with classic black, bubble gum textured, fire engine red or snow white. You got these options, and so much time to decide which ones you want!


  • Can be bought in multiple colors.
  • Super durable.
  • Fairly soft to grip


  • Hard to put on a bike

#6. Schwinn Ergonomic Comfort Bicycle Grip

Schwinn bike grips are number six on our list of the best mountain bike grips. Thanks to the Kraton rubber build on these grips, you’re in for a powerful grip as you roam the mountain side. These grips do not disappoint!

The anti-slip design of these grips are perfect for long rides on the mountain. They will not slip off your handlebars as long as you ride. They are a perfect fit, guaranteed!

The only downside is that the grips aren’t as comfortable as other grips out there. Its grip makes up for it all, but comfort would still be nice. We think that everyone can agree on that, right?


  • Kraton rubber materials.
  • Anti-slip technology.


  • Not as comfortable as other models.

#7. Odi Bike Grips

These bicycle grips from Odi may not be a match for the higher tier grips on this list, but they’ve still got the stuff to make them worthy of being called some of the best mountain bike grips in the market. Made out of kraton rubber, these babies will hold you over during your vigorous bike ride. And your hands won’t blister, which makes these grips even better!

The caps come in five color schemes. Those schemes are black on silver, black on black, blue on black, gold on black, and green on black. Great color choices!


  • Anti-slip technology.
  • Made of kraton rubber.
  • Blister-resistant technology.
  • Five color schemes.


  • A little overpriced.

#8. BV Bike Handlebar Grips

BV bike grips are unique in that they incorporate a new design that isn’t seen in very many products. These grips come in with single clamp designs that make installation easy and less stressful of a fit. By using the single clamp design, less weight is applied to the installation and the fit becomes much smoother and sturdy.

The grip doesn’t come in different colors, but the clamp does. Those colors are black, blue, red, gold, and green. Depending on what color your bicycle is, you’re bound to find a matching pair.


  • Single clamp design makes for reduced weight.
  • Clamp comes in five different colors.
  • Motocross-inspired design to help with aggressive bike riding.
  • Easy to install.


  • Rubber isn’t as durable as other brands.

#9. LYCAON Bike Handlebar Grips

LYCAON bike grips come with options when it comes to how the rubber grips onto your bicycle. You can buy these grips either with general caps or expendable caps. Both are excellent at keeping your grips in place, but the expendable grips are a little easier to equip onto your handlebars because there’s much more to work with.

These grips don’t come in multiple colors, but the end caps do. Those caps can be either black, blue, red, or white. Largely American colors for an American bicycle!

The anti-slip technology built into these grips is matched by many but bested only by few. These 132MM grips won’t slip off so easily, so long as you have the strong grips properly installed. That’s not hard, but you must be careful when putting it on.

We say this because the grips are very light. Light is good, but that can make them difficult to install times due to the flimsy nature. So long as you’re careful, then you’ll be okay!


  • End caps come in four different colors.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Anti-slip technology.


  • End caps are difficult to install.

#10. FIFTY-FIFTY Dual Lock-on Mountain Bike Grips

These bicycle grips are the 10th best mountain bike grips on our list. These grips may not be as comfortable as other grips on the list, but they’re undeniably some of the most secure that you’ll find on the market. It all comes from the dual lock on capabilities.
With the dual lock on, these grips will stay on throughout your entire ride. No matter how many rough patches you hit, your grips will stay on. This is a brand that you can trust, folks!
These grips come in eight different colors. Those colors are black, orange, brown, purple, green, red, grey, and turquoise. All these cool color options can be yours for a small, small price.
The durability of these grips are matched only by how easy they are to slip onto the handlebars. Just slide them on and clamp the locks in place. Viola, you have secured grips on your lovely handlebars!


  • Comes in eight different colors.
  • Comes with dual lock on capabilities.
  • Super durable.
  • Easy to slip onto handlebars.


  • Not as comfortable as other grips.

#11.SAPLIZE Bike Handlebar Grips

These thick, padded grips are great for offering support to anyone riding their bike. Don’t let the thickness throw you off, it’s perfect for providing cushioning to your hands as you cycle. If anything, the thickness makes it much harder to slip off the handlebars.
That’s right, the anti-slip technology of these SAPLIZE grips are bested by very few. Because of the thick padding, slipping off is very hard to pull off. Yes, the pun was absolutely intended.
The grips also have locking sides, though the end caps do tend to get loose sometimes. Don’t let this fool you, however. The end caps are very easy to fix!
SAPLIZE is a highly trusted brand, sold to hundreds and hundreds of people both online and in real life. It’s a fan favorite Monder Criminal Lawyer Group site with reviewers across the board. SAPLIZE does what other brands cannot; satisfy valuable and dedicated customers with next to no issues whatsoever!


  • Extra comfort.
  • Both sides lock.
  • Anti-slip technology.


  • End caps may get loose after a while.

#12. Kutrick Handle Bar Grips

Schwinn bike grips are number six on our list of the best mountain bike grips. Thanks to the Kraton rubber build on these grips, you’re in for a powerful grip as you roam the mountain side. These grips do not disappoint!

The anti-slip design of these grips are perfect for long rides on the mountain. They will not slip off your handlebars as long as you ride. They are a perfect fit, guaranteed!

The only downside is that the grips aren’t as comfortable as other grips out there. Its grip makes up for it all, but comfort would still be nice. We think that everyone can agree on that, right?

These flangeless grips are soft and cozy for anybody looking to ride their bike. Whether you’re wanting to ride casually or through trails, these grips will hold you over. You don’t have to worry about rough riding so long as these grips are in commission!

Kutrick is well known for being a fantastic brand. Its reputation precedes it as one of the top tier brands, capable of pleasing anyone who purchases it. If so many people can trust this brand, then you can trust it as well!

These grips are sold at a good price, barely taking a bug-bite out of your wallet. Some people may argue that this makes these grips lousy because of how cheap they are, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. These grips have proven time and time again that they are a pair of grips worth the time and money for any man or woman.

These Kutrick grips come in five possible styles. There’s black/blue, black/white, blue rainbow, red/black, and rainbow. Not exactly single color style choices, but the mixtures are beautiful and look even better when nestled on your bicycle.

The only downside is that the grips aren’t as comfortable as other grips out there. Its grip makes up for it all, but comfort would still be nice. We think that everyone can agree on that, right?


  • Soft, flangeless grips.
  • Bought at a bargain
  • Heavily trusted brand.
  • Comes in five styles.


  • Hard to put on a bike.

#13. 25NINE Ronin Grip

Last but not least, we present these ultra nice grips from 25Nine. These Ronin grips are perfect for using on your handlebars, as their ribbed design makes for an easy ride and comfortable fit. When asked what design they like best, most people prefer ribbed over anything else.

There are over 20 colors that you can pick from for these grips. The choices you have are red, teal, grey, modern pink, navy, orange, purple, green, fire red, emerald, denim, brown, bright pink, army, blue, brick, and eight colors mixed in with black. With so many options, how can you ever be upset?

These grips are made of strong kraton rubber, which is superior to regular rubber. It’s much more durable and strong, which will help you in riding throughout the mountainous trails. It’s so much safer in the long run.

These 25Nine Ronin grips can fit any sized handlebar, making it the quintessential bicycle grip for you. Admittedly, the grips are hard to put on. But once you get them one, watch out!


  • Over 20 colors to pick from!
  • Ribbed pattern for extra comfort.
  • Works with any size handlebar.
  • Durable kraton rubber material.


  • Hard to put on handlebars.

Concluding Thoughts

Grips are super important when it comes to cycling. Unlike normal bike grips, mountain bike grips are much easier and sturdier. They’re designed to be comfortable, but still provide the proper level of security to you as you ride.

With the five options on this list, you’re sure to find the most comfortable and safe options. We’ve narrowed down the best options on the market just for you. Now you get to decide which one you’re going to trust!

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