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Best Enduro Mountain Bike Review And Guides 2020

If you do not have time for the details, here are our top picks for enduro moutain bike:

  1. Best Overall Enduro Mountain Bike – Diamondback Bicycles Release 3  
  2. Best Budget Enduro Mountain Bike – Titan Pathfinder Elite  
  3. Best Enduro Mountain Bike Under $1000 – Savadeck Dual Suspension Mountain Bike 
  4. Best Enduro Mountain Bike Under $500 – Schwinn S29 Mountain Bike  
  5. Best Enduro Mountain Bike for Kids/Teens – Mongoose Impasse Mountain Bike  
  6. Best 29er Enduro Mountain Bike – Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike  
  7. Best Enduro Mountain Bike for Beginners –  Diamondback Bicycles Atroz  
  8. Top Pick: Best Enduro Mountain Bike – Diamondback Bicycles Atroz  

Enduro mountain bikes are making a big hit around the world and bike companies are trying to keep up with the demand. 

And, it’s no wonder.  

Bikers love the thrill of enduro mountain biking since they get to go down hill at high speeds while handling different obstacles.  

But, how can new bikers break into the sport?  

And, what information is needed before buying your first enduro mountain bike?  

In this piece, we’ll provide a buyer’s guide, FAQ, and product review to help you pick the best enduro mountain bike.  

What is an Enduro Bike?  

An enduro bike is a step above trail bike and a step below down hill bikes.  

Enduro mountain bike competitions times riders on technical descents and time are paused on the ascents.  

For this reason, enduro bikes are made to handle descents with great stability, respond to riders, and have plenty of suspension travel and “aggressive” geometry for attacking obstacles. 

Additionally, the bike needs to be able to climb well and let the riders pedal efficiently.  

The bike’s geometry is focused on ideal weight distribution, balance, and handling of steep hills.  

The suspension travel on these bikes will be about 160-170mm for both the front and back.  

Typically, the wheels will be 27.5” with air springs to keep the weight down in both the front and back of the bike.  

Who Should Buy an Enduro Mountain Bike?  

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If you are feeling adventurous and want to race a whole season of gravity stage racing, then go ahead and buy an enduro bike.  

The bikes are actually quite versatile since they have dual suspension but aren’t on either extreme of the mountain bike spectrum.  

A well-constructed enduro bike can be used on local down hill trails, difficult runs at a bike park, and still, be comfortable on a trail ride.  

However, the slack and low geometry can work against riders if they start using it mainly for trail rides. Riders end up using more muscle power on easier trails.  

What’s a Rider’s Budget for an Enduro Mountain Bike?  

For riders who want a high-performance bike, the budget starts around $2500.  

I know this isn’t the most budget-friendly mountain bike you can buy, but this type of bike handles a lot. And, a lot of thought goes into the technologies so that riders have a comfortable ride going down hill.  

Having said that, you might be able to find cheaper bikes in November and December when bike stores try to get rid of old models to make room for the new season. At that time, you can find bikes marked down 30-50% and even find closeout deals.  

You can also try bike co-ops, asking friends if they are selling, or even go to Amazon, which often has decent models at a reasonable price.  

Frame Material and Geometry 

The frame is the main cost of the bike when it comes to designing and constructing an enduro bike.  

An enduro bike can be made from aluminum or carbon fiber. 

Aluminum is a bit heavier than carbon fiber, but it is easier to work with and is more durable than carbon fiber. A bike made from aluminum can stand a few crashes and falls before it needs to be repaired or even replaced.  

On the other hand, carbon fiber is more expensive but it is lighter and more stiff and responsive. And, carbon fiber absorbs the vibrations of whatever you’re riding on. This material is more fragile and will need to be repaired or replaced after a hard crash.  

Sizing and the bike’s shape really make a big difference for riders. Make sure that the bike fits. Some stores might let you test ride it. And, Amazon might have a return policy.  

An enduro bike’s shape is a bit elongated in the wheelbase and slacker in the head angle compared to trail bikes. The head angles range between 64-66 degrees with a long wheelbase that is around 1200 mm or more. 

These dimensions, mentioned above, ensure that riders can descend and handle obstacles confidently and still nimbly and efficiently climb hills for the next thrill.  

Suspension and Forks  

When you’re looking for an enduro mountain bike, be on the lookout for bikes with long travel in the front and back.  

A dual-suspension bike is controllable and helps keep the rider’s balance and performance strong on the bike.  

Single crown travel forks should be around 160-170mm ideally. But, if that’s not feasible for you, then talk to a local bike shop to consider other options.  

The air springs are made with compression and rebound damping adjustments so you can control how much support you need from the fork.  

Rear Shock and Suspension  

A good enduro bike is incomplete if it doesn’t have a quality rear shock that is correctly tuned.  

The rear shock should balance the front fork.  

Most bikes will make their rear shock from Fox or RockShox or will use a lighter piece to keep the bike’s weight low.  

Wheels and Tires  

Many enduro bikes will have 27.5” wheels with a light and reliable rim that will handle all the terrains and conditions you’ll be biking in.  

The rims of wheels are getting wider so that bigger tires can perform more efficiently.  

Enduro mountain bike tires will weigh around 750-1100 grams each with tough casings that can handle everything you’ll put it through. You’re going to want heavier tires since getting a flat while going downhill isn’t ideal.  

An ideal setup will have an aggressive tread pattern for the front tire and a lower profile tread for the rear.  

Brakes and Gears  

Hydraulic brakes are now the standard on Enduro mountain bikes since they are reliable, powerful, and work in any weather and riding condition.  

Most enduro bikes, especially if used for racing, will have a single ring set with a wide range cassette in the back.  

Product Review: Best Enduro Mountain Bike  

1. Best Overall Enduro Mountain Bike  Diamondback Bicycles Release 3  

The Diamondback Bicycles Release 3 gives riders top-level performance with all the technologies backed behind the bike. It might even make you feel like a professional biker.  

The bike is thoughtfully shaped and is made from butted aluminum with brisk-pedaling Level Link suspension.  

The aluminum frame is durable and cheaper than carbon fiber. Yet it is still light and stiff to respond well to whatever you need to handle on your bike.  

To make sure that you have a fun and comfortable descent the bike comes with Fox 34 Performance Float 150mm travel fork and Fox Float DPX2 rear shock. Both these suspensions complement each other to eliminate vibrations from rattling hits on the long and short distances alike.  

The bike was made with Shimano XT M800 11-speed drivetrain to give you an adequate number of gears to play with. Since you’re in such a specific biking discipline you won’t need additional chain rings in the front. You’re more concerned about the descent than an efficient ascent.  

The drivetrain is complemented with a Shimano XT M8000 Shadow Plus bike shifter that ensures you have an accurate shift.  

The bike wouldn’t be anything without its Shimano XT hydraulic disc brakes, which gives you excellent and precise stopping power. So no matter when you need to stop, you’ll be able in any weather and riding condition.  

Riders like this bike because it was made with excellent high-quality components and is stable on the downhills.  

I recommend this bike to anyone serious about enduro and downhill riding and want a stable bike to explore this discipline.  

2. Best Budget Enduro Mountain BikeTitan Pathfinder Elite  

The Titan Pathfinder Elite is one of the best budget enduro mountain bikes. This bike can be used for kids or adults. Either way, it is a good bike if you’re not looking to break the bank and need a bike to get through entry level courses.  

The bike comes with front suspension and rear suspension so that it can be ridden on trails, roads, and beginner downhill courses. The suspension ensures that riders will stay in the saddle comfortably with minimal bouncing.  

If you’re buying this bike for your kid, it has a quick-release saddle so you can make adjustments whenever your kid gets taller.  

For adults, the quick-release might come in handy if you’re switching between trail riding and  enduro biking. You can quickly and easily adjust the bike to what makes you feel the most comfortable on the bike.  

The bike comes with 21-speeds which is great for those who are doing all types of riding and want this bike to be versatile. The speeds can be suited for wherever you take your bike out for the day.  

The bike is made from steel which does make it a bit heavier than performance bikes, but it can handle the crashes and falls you’ll make as a beginner enduro mountain biker.  

If you buy it from Amazon, it comes nearly assembled. You’ll need to install the front wheel, handlebars. Seatpost, pedals, and brake adjustments. It’s best to get the bike checked out at your local shop before you take it out for a ride.  

Riders like this bike because it is versatile and helps them break into the mountain biking sport without spending too much. And, the bike can be used for commuting or trail riding which appeals to a lot of beginners.  

I’d recommend this bike if you want one that will last a long time, handle crashes and falls, and will be versatile.  

3. Best Enduro Mountain Bike Under $1000Savadeck Dual Suspension Mountain Bike 

If you’re looking for a bike $1000 or less but don’t want to compromise the quality, the Savadeck might be a good option for you.  

The bike is made from an aluminum frame which gives riders a solid structure that is lightweight and strong. The bike frame is also stiff enough that it can respond quickly and well to your handling.  

The bike has Shimano M2000 Derailleur system, which includes Shimano SL-M2000 shift lever, Shimano FD-2000 27s front derailleur, and RD-M2000 rear derailleur. All these pieces work together to give riders a safe and effective way to ride the bikes.  

The bike even has hydraulic disc brakes coupled with CST Tires Double Mechanical Disc Brakes. These two give you great stopping power in case you’re riding too fast towards a difficult obstacle. And, the CS mountain bike tires are great in any weather condition.  

The bike, if bought from Amazon, comes nearly assembled so all you have to put together is the pedals, handlebars, seat post, and front wheel. Of course, it’s best to take it to a bike shop for the final “go” before taking it for a spin.  

Riders like this bike because beginners feel like they don’t “grow out” of the bike for a couple years.  

I recommend this bike to those who are beginners to mountain biking and want a bike that will keep up with their growing skills.  

4. Best Enduro Mountain Bike Under $500Schwinn S29 Mountain Bike  

The Schwinn S29 Mountain bike has 29-inch wheels, dual suspension, and mechanical disc brakes, which isn’t a bad line up for a bike under $500.  

The aluminum frame is lightweight yet sturdy enough to withstand more than a few falls and crashes before needing to be replaced or repaired.  

The dual suspension bike can absorb the vibrations from the enduro courses and you’ll feel as you descend on uneven terrain.  

The bike was constructed with Shimano EZ-Fire trigger shifters with Shimano derailleurs to help you smoothly shift through all 21-speeds on the bike. The crankset has a triple chain ring which helps give beginners more options as they learn how to handle the bike.  

Finally, the bike has both front and rear mechanical disc brakes for reliable and precise shifting.  

Riders who have bought the bike like it because it is beginner-friendly and can still be used for several years before needing an upgrade. And, the bike is versatile.  

I recommend this bike to beginner mountain bikers who have a small budget but big goals to become more versed in mountain biking.  

5. Best Enduro Mountain Bike for Kids/Teens – Mongoose Impasse Mountain Bike  

The Mongoose Impasse mountain bike is a good choice for kids since it has some performance elements but isn’t too expensive for a young but promising biker.  

To make sure that young riders are comfortable on the bike, it is made with an aluminum frame. And, the frame is lightweight so your kid can carry it to and from your car if you’re trail riding. The frame is also responsive so that kids can learn how to handle their bikes on a descent.  

To make handling even easier, the bike has front and back suspension so that smooths bumps and vibrations and keeps kids in charge of their bikes.  

The bike comes with a friendly easy-to-use twist SRAM shifter made by Shimano and offers 21 speeds.   

Your kid surely will be able to stop safely since the bike has front and rear disc brakes.  

Parents who have bought the bike like it because it’s a step above a kids bike and lets them explore mountain biking without the pressure of committing to a highly specific bike.  

I recommend this bike to those who want a bike that will last a couple years as their kids learn more skills on the bike.  

6. Best 29er Enduro Mountain Bike Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike  

The Schwinn Traxion is an excellent choice for enduro riders who want a bike with rolling momentum and can withstand more surfaces.  

The bike is made from light and durable aluminum that is stiff enough to respond well to sharp and quick movements enduro riders make.  

The dual suspension makes sure that all the vibrations are absorbed and the rider doesn’t bounce out of the saddle over every bump.  

The bike is equipped with Shimano EZ-Fire triggers that give riders 24 speeds to play with on the enduro courses. This is perfect for those who are well into the sport and want more gears for efficiency on the courses.  

The bike has mechanical disc brakes on the front and rear so that you get reliable and efficient braking power no matter what situation you’re in.  

The 29er wheels are great since they are wider and can pick up more rolling momentum once up to speed. And can sustain the momentum once the maximum speed is achieved. This would save riders energy when they have to go up after a downhill thrill.  

7. Best Enduro Mountain Bike for Beginners –  Diamondback Bicycles Atroz  

If you’re looking for Dust and Mop House Cleaning of Charlotte a good enduro mountain bike for your beginning and middle years of racing then the Atroz model would be a good option.  

The Atroz has an aluminum frame that is lightweight yet durable to handle all the pressures and impacts you’ll throw at it. And, it is stiff to respond well to your handling skills. The pedal transfer is good for an aluminum bike.  

The rear suspension has 100mm of travel made by Suntour Raidon-R air shock. And, the front fork, made with Suntour  XCM fork, has 120mm of travel and preload adjustment.  

The bike has a 1×0-speed drivetrain that gives beginner to intermediate riders a good range of gears to choose from. And, the simple shifting is great for rolling hills.  

The 27.5” wheels come with Vee Rubber Flow Snap which is grippy and round that makes the bike very capable of handling enduro courses and trail riding.  

Riders who have bought this bike like it because the suspension is effective and riders feel like they are comfortable and in control of their bikes. The frame is well designed and built to last a handful of years.  

For beginners, I recommend this bike because the bike gives you more value where it matters the most such as the suspension and drivetrain.  

8. Top Pick: Best Enduro Mountain Bike Diamondback Bicycles Atroz  

We’ve picked the Diamondback Atroz model as our top pick.  

This bike adds value where it is most critical which makes this bike very good for beginners. They can use this bike for years to come.  

The suspension on the bike is well-designed and constructed so that riders feel comfortable in the saddle. Find here The Dublin Roofers. And, the suspensions complement each other to absorb any of the terrain’s vibrations.  

The drivetrain is also a strong point of the bike. It provides enough gears that will suffice on rolling terrains. The gears are simple so that riders don’t have to think twice before shifting.  

Enjoy shopping for your bike!  


  • Where can I buy an enduro bike?  
    This bike is highly specialized and you’ll want to research which shos are reptuable.  
    And be sure that there are staff members who ride and have experience setting up and making repairs on full suspension bikes.  
    If you buy your bike online, have it shipped to a shop to be assembled by people you trust.   
  • Where can I bike?  
    Every area is different so your local bike stores and employees will know where is best for beginners and can even give you resources for big races.  
  • What additional gear will I need?  
    For enduro biking, you’ll need a helmet similar to downhill riders that covers your entire head, neck, and face area.  

And often times will have a face shield so it will protect your eyes. This is important since crashes are more impactful (due to high speeds) compared to trail riding and road riding.  
You’ll also want to ride in clothes you don’t mind getting muddy, ripped, and possibly destroyed over time.  
Gloves would be a must for enduro biking since you’ll want to protect your hands.  

At some point, you’ll want to buy a bike repair kit that would include tools to change a flat when it does happen.  

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