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(TOP 10) Best Electric Bike Under 1000 Review And Guides 2020

Electric Bike Summaries and Reviews

While these are not put in any certain ranking order (many bikes fit unique needs), the bikes at the front of the list tend to be considered the best deals.

1. Ancheer 350W Red Sunshine Electric Mountain Bike

The Ancheer Red Sunshine comes packing a 350W brushless motor that can reach up to 20mph, which will be more enough to power you through your commute. The bike itself is also geared up and equipped to handle non-street usage as well.

The battery is removable, which allows you to lessen the overall weight of the bike and to reduce your worries over theft when you leave the big parked. With 30miles per charge, the battery would last through any series of tasks you put it through.

Ebike, assisted bike, and standard bicycle are the three modes available to the Red Sunshine Mountain Bike. These modes all work well with your preferred riding style, giving you that quick boost on the street or to take the pressure of the legs at the end of a journey -or even just to get you there quickly.

Key Takeaway:

The Ancheer 350W Red Sunshine is amongst our favorites in the eBike category thanks to its versatility via the Shimano 21-Speed, and the power it brings to every mode. If you are looking for a bike that can allow you to tackle mountains, trails, and get you to work without breaking a sweat -this is amongst the best in this price range.

The only major downside here is the assembly can be a bit of a hassle. For a little extra, you can get professional assembly -so for a bump in price, this problem does solve itself.

2. SwagCycle EB-5

The EB-5 from SwagCycle is one of the best commuter-boosting bikes on the market for less than a grand. This handy bike can be folded up on the go, pedaled, or used to get you to where you need to go sweat-free.

Weighing under 40lbs and traveling upwards of 15mph on electric power alone, this bike is an excellent accessory for the workplace. Arrive, fold it up under your desk, and get to work! The bike can tackle over 15 miles in a single charge.

While the bike weighs 37lbs, not the heaviest or the lightest in this realm, it does have a unique triple-fold feature that allows extreme levels of portability and versatility. The EB -5 breaks down small enough to fit comfortably under a subway seat. The bike can also be adjusted for a wide assortment of heights and body types- something a bit less common with electric bikes.

Key Takeaway:

Highly portable and good on the road. This is primarily an electric bike for those who need that added portability, but it is effective enough to work for bikers in a wide assortment of locales.

3. NAKTO Camel

The Nakto Camel is a lot of electric bike for the low price. The high-strength carbon steel frame and quality parts echo something much more costly. This price seems to be achieved through direct-from-factory distribution.

6-speed transmission, bright LED headlamp, and the removable 36V, 10AH lithium battery all add an extra comfort-of-life layer to an already valuable piece of equipment.

The bike itself is rated to reach 22-28mph with a range of 28-35 miles. The brushless motor will allow you to achieve the 18-25mph easily and comfortably without breaking a sweat.

The Nakto Camel also allows you to get a workout in by switching to normal bike work mode.

Key Takeaway:

All in all the Nakto Camel  finds a fantastic balance between a neat little consumer eBike and a solid, usable bicycle in an incredibly compact and durable frame. Outside of folding, it isn’t the best at any one thing, but it does fine in every category.

4. Jetson Bolt E-Bike

One of our favorite city eBikes of all time! The Jetson Bolt is very lightweight, low-cost, and portable. You can slide the seat and handlebars down for travel -and the aluminum frame makes carrying a snap.

The Bolt isn’t the most durable bike, but you can get two of them for the typical cost of a comparable electric bike. This is a low risk and high-reward purchase.

You will hit a surprising 16 mph with up to a 35-mile range on this bike—a very impressive output for the size and weight.

Key Takeaway:

In the end, the Jetson Bolt  is a perfect gift for a teen, or for the inner-city commuter. It is very cheap for an electric bike and has a great range and power output. The Bolt definitely looks and feels like a modern ‘techy’ device.

5. Cliensy 26″ Electric Mountain Bike

The Cliensy 26″ Electric Mountain Bike is a great choice if you are looking to tackle long ranges with assisted pedaling. While this bike can handle your city commute needs, it truly shines when hitting the trails on all day trips.

This Cliensy sports a Shimano 21 speed transmission and high-strength front suspension which enables you to hit the hills in style. Seamlessly transition between pure electric, assisted, and typical mountain bike modes to take the most advantage of these features.

The Cliensy 26″ Electric Mountain Bike comes with a new keyless start system thanks to popular demand. It can be hard to adjust to using keys for your bike (many were losing them), this system forgoes that adjustment.

 Key Takeaway:

The Cliensy 26″ Electric Mountain Bike is a fantastic choice for a weekend trailblazer bike or a mid-range commuter electric bike. This bike can tackle bigger challenges than the more compact electric bikes and is a more durable and reliable option for the increased price and size.

6. Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1

The older model of the Cyclamatic Power Plus was a giant hit, and they have built upon that incredible success with the newer CX1. The CX1 improves on the much-loved design with increased range, power, and comfort features.

Strong steel frame, brushless motor, 21 gear transmission, and great suspension and brake system. Cyclamtaci has once again made a great ride. The ease of life features includes an easy-release battery and powered pedal assist rather than a twist throttle -loved by some, disliked by others.

 Key Takeaway:

Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 is an improvement over an already proven electric bike. You know what you are getting is going to be effective and backed by a company with experience in the industry. The bike doesn’t fold up or shrink down like other models -but it has an amazing output for its given power.

7. Shaofu Folding Electric Bike– 350W

Compact, practical, and made with a look “inspired by dolphins.” With a speed of 12-15mph and a range of around 20 miles, this is the perfect gift for a teen or young adult.

The bike is made to work with a downloadable app on your smart device, allowing you to connect with the Bluetooth system and lock the motor, record mileage, and change speed settings.

The bike breaks down into excellent handy shape and weighs less than 35 lbs. It achieves this weight through an aluminum alloy frame. This provides decent durability and very low weight.

Removable battery that charges in only a few hours, on or off the frame. This gives you extra options for distance and planning that wouldn’t be possible with all-day to-charge batteries.

Switch between assisted and pure electric rising easily.

 Key Takeaway:

Small, sturdy, decently durable, and easy to handle. Everything you want in an under $500 electric bike built for the younger generations -though it can work for both.

8. Kemanner 26 inch Electric Mountain Bike

The Kemanner 26 inch Electric Mountain Bike is another fine compromise between power and versatility. The 250W German brushless motor can get you going up to 20mph for up to 30miles.

In addition to the great speed and range, this bike is also collapsible, letting you take it almost anywhere with you. The aluminum alloy frame is both durable and lightweight to double-down on this travel ability.

This bike is great for road usage but is also still capable of tackling sand, loose dirt and hills with ease. The seat is a bit small, but is easy to pad and upgrade for a little investment.

Key Takeaway:

Equipped with modern battery technology, a great design, and also sporting the 21-speed Shimano transmission system, this bike is of a comparable price and quality to many on this list, with a few quirks that may make it preferable for your personal needs.

9. ECOTRIC Fat Tire

Big wheeled and packing a 500w brushless motor, this Ecotric Fat Tire is a tremendously good offroading bike. Snow, mud, dirt, power through them all with style and ease.

Charge in 6-8 hours, hit 20mph, and travel up to 23 miles. This Shimano External 7 Speed Geared bike really begins to shine when you stop focusing on the street riding statistics.

A non-emission sporting bike that can help you hit the trails and see the sights, even the genuinely distant ones. Get a good workout and cover large amounts of ground with a  whole new way to enjoy the outdoors. It isn’t made for extremely steep hills, however.

In a pinch, this bike can also double as your commute vehicle on a nice day, or even through a snowstorm if you felt up to it.

The bike works in pedal assist and walk assist modes and is built around an aluminum alloy frame, so it is still lightweight enough to be used as a standard off-road bike.

10. ECOTRIC 36V 350W Citybike

This Ecotric is built around a busy city commute. A 36V 10AH Lithium Cell and 350w brushless motor are enough to help you hit upwards of 20mph and reach roughly 23 miles on a single charge.

Other notable features include an LCD, and This Ecotric also has a Shimano External 7 Speed Gear. Work the bike in pedal-assist mode or fully electric.

Another lightweight aluminum build that helps keep the bike moving and carryable without sacrificing too much in terms of durability.

The bike itself will arrive 90% assembled, so you won’t have to pay extra for specialists or tools, or spending considerable time, putting the bike together -a major complaint with many cheaper models.

Key Takeaway:

While this bike isn’t showy, and doesn’t stand out in any particular feature, it is a reliable, sturdy, capable city bike built to help you with your commute.  The lack of superfluous features keeps the costs low without sacrificing quality or performance.

Why Buy an Electric Bike

Many people simply don’t realize how far the technology for electric bikes has come in the last few years. Batteries are more powerful and hold charges longer than ever before, and this means that electric bikes are reaching speeds and covering distances not seen before.

Many don’t realize that there is an entirely green transportation option that allows you to go nearly 30mph for dozens of miles on one charge -with virtually no pollution. It is a low cost, easy, effective, and fun transportation solution for our modern world.

Great for professionals living in cities, students, outdoor enthusiasts and anyone with a short commute.


While the production of a bike and the charge needed to power them are not perfect eco-friendly, the bike itself in action is. When compared to all of the vehicles on our roads, pumping out pollution while sitting in traffic every morning and afternoon, the electric bike begins to make a lot of sense.

Travel Friendly

Maybe you want to go trekking out at that new campsite, or perhaps you want to roll through the trials of a far off land in style. Perhaps you just need something you can take onto the subway or put under your desk during the day.

Whatever your needs, the foldable and collapsible electric bikes allow you to bring a form of efficient transportation everywhere you go.

Greater Efficiency and Versatility

Electric bikes fill in the gap between larger street vehicles and recreational bikes. The integrated motors that electric bikes have to allow you to work within multiple modes, such as pedal assist, which can be used both as a form of exercise or as a way to maximize the bikes travel distances.

The engines also allow you to pedal like a normal bike but then kick in the motor when tackling a hill, allowing you to minimize exertion and preventing sweating should you be pedaling to work. 

With certain accessories that allow for night riding, mileage tracking, remote locking, and battery removal (for mobile charging and multiple battery usage on a single trip), the ability to customize a bike to your personal needs is astounding.

A Money Saving Investment

Even though we focused on client reviews bikes that come in under one thousand dollars, they can still be considered a considerable monetary investment. Luckily, if you are used to sitting in traffic and continually paying for gas to accommodate your commute, then with an electric bike, you are likely to save money and see a return on your investment rather quickly.

When you count car insurance, fuel, tune-ups, washings, etc. the costs of the bike versus a car seem better and better.

If you can find a quality bike under $1000 (which this list is comprised of), then you may have just found yourself a fantastic buy.

A Modern Solution

Many electric bikes are offering higher levels of interaction than were ever available before. Apps allow you to track every mile, your efficiency, even calories burned in some cases.

One of the best additions is the ability to add anti-theft capabilities to the bike. Remote data checks and geo-location will mean you can find out exactly where your bike is at any time.

Some apps are also offering crash detection and emergency alerts. This means if an accident happens, or you have a medical emergency while riding your bike, help is going to be on the way immediately.

Common Electric Bike Questions

These are some common question we get about electric bikes;

Do I Need to Pedal My Electric Bike?

Different electric bikes operate in different ways. When you are buying an electric bike, you will see references to different modes of riding; These modes usually fall under three categories: Bicycle mode, assisted mode, and powered mode.

In bicycle mode, you will be able to pedal as if you were riding a normal street bike -great for exercise.

In assisted mode, you will be both pedaling and getting a boost from the engine. For more info visit https://thefloridamaids.com/. The assisted mode is excellent for reaching the maximum range of the bike, taking on hills, and having a nice smooth ride. Some bikes can even regain power from your pedaling!

Powered mode is where the bike will be able to operate under its own power.

How Fast Will My Electric Bike Charge?

The vast majority of electric bikes will charge in under 6 hours. Most bikes will charge between 3-5 hours.  The quick charge times are great since they allow you to fully charge your bike within the period of a typical workday, making them perfect for your commute.

How Far Can an Electric Bike Go?

While electric bikes all have different maximums, all of the bikes on our list range from 20-50 miles, the range of a bike is lower in pure powered mode and reaches its maximum with assisted pedaling methods.

Some bikes have removable batteries, which means you can carry multiple with you, exponentially increasing your range. If you want extreme range, find the bikes with easy release batteries.

Are Electric Bikes Heavier?

Yes, electric bikes are going to be heavier than a normal bicycle. This extra weight comes mainly from the battery and the housing protecting it.

When making this list, we made an effort to find some foldable bikes that could be easily carried by everyone. Some of the electric bikes on our list weigh in at about average for a typical bicycle.

Are Electric Bikes Under $1000 a Good Deal?

Yes! The best deal in electric bikes will often be found under a thousand dollars. The reason for this is that many of the benefits you gain from electric bikes are found even amongst the cheaper versions.

Powered assist riding, removable batteries, app syncing, and all of the other key features wanted are all available in bikes under $1000.

The increase in prices generally correlates with an increase in durability. It might be a better investment to get a bike that won’t break down for a decade, but then again, you may be able to get three quality bikes for that same price.

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