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TOP 10 Best Bike Mount For Your Smartphone Review And Guides 2020

If you do not have time for the details, here are our top picks for bike mount for your smartphone:

  1. Ailun Bike Phone Mount – Best Phone Mount for Under $10
  2. Bovon Bike Phone Mount – Best Phone Mount for Under $15
  3. Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount – Best Bike Phone Mount Under $20
  4. Quad Lock – Best Phone Case Mount
  5. GUB Bicycle and Motorcycle Mount – Best Aluminum Bar Mount
  6. Night Ize Wraptor – Best Rotating Smartphone Bar Mount
  7. Rokform Sport Handlebar Mount – Best Easy to Move Mount
  8. Rokform Pro Series – Best Stem Mount
  9. VUP+ Detachable Bicycle Phone Mount – Best Detachable Silicone Phone Mount
  10. Visnfa New Bike Mount – Best Phone Mount with Clamp Arms

When commuting by bike, you may need to navigate new streets in a new city using your phone as a navigation system. Finding a mount that holds your phone steady while still allowing you to navigate with a map can make or break your experience.

Further, purchasing an expensive bike computer may not always be the best option. Many riders choose to use their phone instead of committing to purchasing and navigating yet another device.

There are a range of bike phone mounts available, they range from under $10 to more than $100 and will each offer a unique set of features.

One of the most important questions to ask is how often you’d like to use your mount and what terrain you’ll be riding on.

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If you are planning to use your mount almost every day, it might make sense to get a phone case that attaches to a mount on your bars. However, if you will only use the mount occasionally, a silicone mount that requires you strap your phone in might be the best fit.

Product Review

1. Ailun Bike Phone Mount – Best Phone Mount for Under $10

Ailun created a bike phone mount for under $10 that holds its own against many of the more expensive mounts.

This mount can be used on bars with a variety of diameters due to the easily adjustable strap. The silicone strap will hold your phone and absorb some of the vibrations as you ride on smooth surfaces.

The stretchy silicone will accommodate most phone sizes and only covers a minimal portion of the screen.

If you are looking for a phone mount that is simple, easy to use, inexpensive, and sufficient for holding your phone on any road surface, this could be a great option for you.

2. Bovon Bike Phone Mount – Best Phone Mount for Under $15

The Bovon phone mount is a well designed, intuitive phone mount that will hold your phone securely in place in many ride situations.

This mount comes with a soft silicone case and mount which will prevent scratches on your phone or your bike.

The adjustable mount is easy to install on any bar shape and can be quickly moved to a different bike, stroller, or cart with the stretchy attachment band.

Unlike some cheaper mounts, the Bovon mount allows your phone to rotate 90 degrees which gives you the option of viewing your screen in either landscape or portrait mode.

Like most mounts with silicone bands, this mount will accommodate nearly any phone size, with or without a case.

3. Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone MountBest Bike Phone Mount Under $20

The Roam Universal Premium mount works with two points of contact. The first is a silicone net that holds your phone securely by the corners. The second point of contact is the hard plastic side clamps which further reduce phone shifting and vibration.

This mount can fit any size phone up to 3.5 inches wide.

The clamp on this mount does stand out amongst other products. It can fit exceptionally large bars up to 1 ¼ inch in diameter and down to ⅞ inches in diameter.

The silicone net will cover the corners of your screen while still leaving room for you to access the front camera and the home button.

This mount is versatile and sturdy making it a great option for a mount under $20.

4. Quad LockBest Phone Case Mount

If you are looking for the ultimate bike mount, the quad lock provides unmatched screen accessibility, mounting ease, and superior strength.

This mount works by attaching to a round mount on the back of your phone case. The mount is completely integrated with the case meaning your phone will have no chance of flying off while you ride.

This phone case can also be mounted to other mounts such as a car mount, a running arm strap, or a moto mount. In any situation, the Quad Lock will ensure your phone stays safe and in place no matter the terrain.

Unlike many mounts, the Quad Lock does not cover any part of the screen giving it a superior amount of accessibility and usability.

If you plan to ride technical terrain or simply want to ensure your phone is easy to use and secure, the Quad Lock is the perfect choice for you.

5. GUB Bicycle and Motorcycle MountBest Aluminum Bar Mount

If you are ready to move away from plastic and put your trust in sturdy aluminum products, the GUB mount could be the perfect option for you.

This mount has an adjustable knob that holds any width of phone in place. The small attachment point does not cover any part of the screen and will not obstruct your view of the screen.

Once in place, the mount rotates 360 degrees which will allow you to view your screen at a variety of angles.

The bar mount is compatible with a wide range of handlebar sizes. This mount is recommended for road bikes, motorcycles, mountain bikes, scooters, etc.

If you are ready for a strong aluminum mount that will hold your phone securely in place in a variety of conditions, this could be a great option for you.

6. Night Ize Wraptor Best Rotating Smartphone Bar Mount

This inexpensive phone mount is built surprisingly well and stands up against many more expensive mounts. The straps minimize screen overlap and the entire mount rotates 360 degrees and can easily be rotated while you are riding.

This mount holds phones securely in place and does seem to hold up more than other silicone mounts.

Installing this mount is a breeze with the tool free installation.

The Wraptor holds standard phones as well as plus sized phones and can accommodate phones with or without a case.

If you are looking for a secure and inexpensive option, the Nite Ize Wraptor is a great choice.

7. Rokform Sport Handlebar MountBest Easy to Move Mount

If you are looking for a mount that is a breeze to move from bike to bike or even take to a shopping cart or stroller, the Rokform Sport Handlebar Mount could be perfect for you.

This mount works by utilizing a magnetic mount on your phone which allows your phone to quarter turn spin into the mount, ensuring it stays secure in the mount and will not rattle as you ride.

Unlike many mounts, Rokform created a mount with a quick installation lever which makes moving the entire mount a breeze. This mount also comes with an extra security strap to ensure that if your phone does fall out of the mount it will be caught before it hits the ground.

The Rokform mount is a great option if you’re looking for a secure mount that you can easily use on a variety of bikes or any other round bar. If you want one mount for all of your needs, the Rokform could be a great choice.

8. Rokform Pro SeriesBest Stem Mount

The Rokform Pro Series is a mount that is installed onto the top of a stem and replaces one stem spacer. This mount tilts from -20 degrees to 55 degrees giving you a range of viewing options.

Rockform utilizes a quarter turn locking system which requires either a Rokform case or a Rokform magnetic phone mount adapter. Each of these systems is a secure way to allow you to use a variety of Rokform mounts in order to keep your phone visible.

In addition to the angle, this mount has a 360 degree rotation which allows you to easily transition between landscape and portrait mode on your phone.

This mount is built with military grade aluminum and made in the USA, ensuring it is well constructed and will be reliable for years.

Rokform is known for their well designed, high quality products and the Pro Series is no exception.

9. VUP+ Detachable Bicycle Phone MountBest Detachable Silicone Phone Mount

The VUP+ Detachable Bicycle Phone Mount may combine the best of both worlds with its detachable design that does not require a new phone case.

When you want to use the mount, stretch the silicone mount around your phone, rotate the phone a quarter turn into the mount, and use it as you wish. If you pop into a store while out on your ride, you can detach your phone easily, keeping the silicone straps on until you’re back home.

This unique design is perfect for people who envision needing to remove their phone from the mount while riding but do not want an entirely new phone case that is compatible with the mount.

This mount allows you to spin the phone 360 degrees and does have silicone straps that cover a minimal component of the screen.

The magnet and quarter turn attachment make the mount secure and safe to use.

Installing the mount is a breeze with a simple strap and a finger adjustable knob.

This mount is compatible with nearly any size phone due to the extremely stretchy and secure silicone straps.

If you want a secure mount without needing a new phone case but still want access to your phone while riding, this could be a great option for you.

10. Visnfa New Bike Mount Best Phone Mount with Clamp Arms

The Visnfa mount is a brilliant mount that works through the use of four stainless steel clamp arms. To use the mount, you extend two of the arms as far as you need and they snap back to hold your phone securely in place and then push the red button on the back which locks the arms in place.

This extra step of protection allows you to use the mount in rugged conditions or bumpy terrain without worrying about your phone falling out.

This mount is installable using a thumb tightener on the back of the mount with an option to tighter further with a hex key.

Once the phone is in place, you can rotate the phone 360 degrees to accommodate different apps with different orientations.

This phone case works for phones between four and seven inches tall.

If you are looking for a phone mount that does not require a new case but will hold your phone securely with locking metal arms, this could be the perfect option for you.

scmtbl-table__image Best for: Under $10Best for: Under $10 Ailun Bike Phone Mount
  • Features: Compatible design, adjustable
scmtbl-table__image Best for: Under $15Best for: Under $15 Bovon Bike Phone Mount
  • Features: 90 degree rotation, soft silicone mounting strap, minimal screen overlap
scmtbl-table__image Best for: Under $20Best for: Under $20 Roam Universal Premium
  • Features: Silicone net and hard plastic side grip, large handlebar clamp
scmtbl-table__image Best for: Phone CaseBest for: Phone Case Quad Lock
  • Features: Complete screen access, mounts to handlebar or stem
scmtbl-table__image Best for: AluminumBest for: Aluminum GUB Bicycle and Motorcycle Mount
  • Features: 360 degree rotation, soft foam on phone contact points, does not obscure screen
scmtbl-table__image Best for: RotatingBest for: Rotating Nite Ize Wraptor
  • Features: 360 degree rotation, minimal screen coverage, universal mounting straps, tool free installation
scmtbl-table__image Best for: Easy to move mountBest for: Easy to move mount Rokform Sport Handlebar Mount
  • Features: Quarter turn lock technology, magnetic phone mount adaptor can be used with case, lever lock, extra security strap, quick installation
scmtbl-table__image Best for: Stem MountBest for: Stem Mount Rokform Pro Series Bike Mount
  • Features: Fits on 1-⅛” steer tube, secure quarter lock system, adjustable viewing angles
scmtbl-table__image Best for: Detachable Silicone MountBest for: Detachable Silicone Mount VUP" Detachable Bicycle Phone Mount
  • Features: Easy to install, detachable design, compatible with almost any phone, 360 degree rotation
scmtbl-table__image Best for: Stainless Steel Clamp ArmsBest for: Stainless Steel Clamp Arms Visnfa New Bike Mount
  • Features: Locking stainless steel clamp arms, various rubber gaskets to accommodate different bar sizes, thumb screw attachment


Why do I need a phone mount for my bike?

People use phone mounts on their bikes for a variety of reasons. Most commonly, riders use mounts to help with navigation and as a bike computer.

Riding a bike in new terrain can be exciting but can also be confusing or even dangerous without proper navigation. Many apps allow you to route to your location by the safest bike route making a mount the perfect accessory to help you navigate.

Secondly, some riders use a phone mount on their bike instead of a bike computer. Many riders will buy a separate bike computer such as a Garmin but using a sturdy phone mount is also a viable option.

When paired with an app such as Strava, MapMyRide or other fitness trackers, having a phone mount can display your speed, distance, and other metrics while you ride. Instead of investing in yet another electronic, perhaps a phone mount is just what you need for your bike.

Why would I choose a phone case mount over an external mount?

Typically, the sturdiest phone mounts are mounts that attach to a phone case. For example, the Quad Lock combines a phone case with a mounting point which securely attaches to the mount, similar to how a bike computer attaches.

If you are planning on riding technical terrain or using your phone mount nearly everyday, it may make sense to invest in a phone case mount that is easy to use and secure. Further, it is easy to take your phone off during a ride and replace it while riding.

External mounts are preferable for riders who may want to use their own phone case and do not mind using silicone or aluminum attachment points holding their phone in place. These cases can still be sturdy and user friendly.

One case in particular, combines some of the best features of both of these mounts. The VUP+ Detachable Phone Mount is a mount that uses a silicone strap to hold it in place and then snaps into the mount, giving you the ability to use your own phone case while easily removing your phone while out on a ride.

Best Pick Product

Of these products, I am particularly impressed with the Nite Ize Wraptor. This case combines many great features and is an inexpensive yet well made option.

The Wraptor easily rotates and the mount seems sturdy and secure to hold up in variable terrain.

Nite Ize is known for making high quality products at a reasonable price and the Wraptor is no different.

The second mount I recommend is the Quad Lock. If you are looking for experienced professionals or the most secure mount, the Quad Lock works similarly to a bike computer and is a proven method of keeping technology securely in place while riding.

The Quad Lock also comes with a separate mount you can attach to your phone if you do not want the full Quad Lock phone case.

Quad Lock makes bike mounts, phone cases, as well as mounts for the car or other vehicles. If you are hoping to mount your phone in various places, the Quad Lock is a great option.

As you consider the bike phone mounts available, think about how often you’ll use the mount and what sort of terrain you plan to ride.

The more technical ther terrain, the more you’ll need to invest in a mount that is extra secure. If you are an occasional rider, a less expensive silicone mount can do the trick.

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