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Cervelo S5 Rival

Cervélo pioneered the aero bike segment. The S-Series is engineered to make you more efficient and comfortable—so you can be faster, whatever your speed. The focus on aerodynamics is visible in every aspect of the design—from the location and shapes of the TrueAeroTM tubes to the water bottle mounts. Once on the bike, its efficiency in transferring all of your power to the road will persuade—or demand—that you push it to road-blurring speeds. This performance does not wear off on climbs, making it an aero bike with the rare gifts of light weight and stiffness, one that climbs well and boosts your confidence descending. But speed also includes comfort—both in the carbon composite layup design and in the power saved through aerodynamics that keeps you comfortably in your zone, rather than off the back.

What goes into aero design?

The S5’s sleek design borrows much from the P-Series, including the extended seat tube cutout. From the dropped down tube to the shielding seat stays, all frame shapes are designed to smooth airflow over the entire bike and rider. Even the bottle cage location has been rethought to make it the fastest frame with one bottle or two. Add BBright™ technology and you get the best of aero engineering with maximum control and stability.


Shielding Seat Stays

By positioning and shaping the seat stays to hide the rear brake from the wind while leaving it in a traditional position on the frame.  The seat stays’ position hides the brake, and their shape improves airflow around the caliper.

Dropped Downtube

The downtube AeroZone includes nearby components, such as the front brake, fork and wheel. Dropping the down tube “hides” the down tube in dirty air, reducing the high pressure normally found on the down tube’s leading edge, and eliminates the low pressure air that normally pulls rearward on the fork crown.

Vroomen White Design

Aero drag is 80-90% of the overall resistance affecting a rider. Roughly 80% of this aero drag is the rider, the remainder is the bike. Aerodynamics are important!

SRAM Rival

Built for serious and competitive riders who hammer on their gear day in and day out, the SRAM Rival gruppo delivers the same features and functionality of Force but with different materials and finishes.

Pricing & Availability

Model Color Price Size  
Cervelo S5 Rival White/Red $3,800.00

Cervelo S5

Size Seat Tube Top Tube Effective Tob Tube Stack Reach Head Tube Head Tube Angle Seat Tube Angle
48 48 51.6 51.6 50.5 36.0 10.8 70.5 73.0
51 51 53.1 53.1 53.0 36.9 12.8 72.2 73.0
54 54 54.8 54.8 55.5 37.8 14.8 73.1 73.0
56 56 56.4 56.4 58.0 38.7 17.3 73.5 73.0
58 58 58.1 58.1 60.5 39.6 19.9 73.5 73.0
61 61 59.7 59.7 63.0 40.5 22.5 73.5 73.0


Frame Cervelo S5
Fork Cervelo FK26 SL
Seatpost Cervelo Aero Seat Post (2 Position)
Rear Derailleur SRAM Rival
Front Derailleur SRAM Rival
Shifters SRAM Rival
Brake Calipers SRAM Rival
Bottom Bracket FSA BBright
Crankset FSA BBright (50/34)
Handlebar 3T Ergonova OE
Stem 3T ARX Pro
Saddle fi'zi:k Ardea
Chain SRAM PG 1051
Cassette SRAM PG 1070 (12-25)
Wheels Fulcrum Racing T
Tires Vittoria Rubino Pro Slick