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Staff: That's What Makes Us a Great Shop!!

A bike shop is more than a place to buy cycling related items, it’s a place you go to for advice, and our staff is what make Freshbikes so special.  Our team of sales people, mechanics and managers, provide a truly unique bicycle shopping experience.  So stop by Freshbikes and find out what we are all about.

The Freshbikes Staff

Our staff is perhaps the most eclectic mix of people to be found in working in a bike shop. We come from different countries, speak a variety of languages, have a breadth of past experiences, but share a common passion….cycling

For the last 25 years, Scott has worked in and around the outdoor and bike business. He held jobs in just about every facet of the industry, including, mountain bike guide, sales, management and even mechanic. As our faithful leader, Scott has provided the vision for his stores and has always known what Freshbikes could be before the door was ever opened.

JASON “J-WA” WALDER: Store Manager
Hailing from Connecticut, Jason has been in the bicycle industry for over 16 years. He has held all positions that exist on the retail side of the business, as well as multiple industry and manufacturing positions.  Jason is a master mechanic, certified fit specialist, and has worked with the Cannondale demo and product department for pro teams both domestic and abroad.  As a former semi-pro mountain biker, accomplished road racer, and recreational triathlete, he now concentrates on single day endurance events.  From "L'Étape du Tour" in France, to the "Shenandoah Mountain 100" in Virginia, Jason has taken on some of the most daunting endurance rides in the world. Jason's travels extend beyond racing events, and when not in the store, he can be found anywhere from the Canary Islands to Switzerland, searching for the the best of the best in cycling gear and top level products.  He strives to always keep Freshbikes on the cutting edge of technology and innovation.

In 2011,, an internationally recognized leader in cycling news, noticed Jason's sharp eye on the industry and asked him to write for them as a contributor who represents the perspective of a leading retailer. Whether he's racing, visiting vendors throughout the world, writing about the world of cycling, or on the sales floor, Jason's first priority is always to his customers who consistently seek him out for the knowledge, experience and top-level service he delivers.

HARRISON LEAVENS: Store Manager, Freshbikes Arlington
Arriving from Brooklyn, New York in early 2012, Harrison came to Freshbikes with a ton of bike shop experience.  Bi-lingual in Spanish and English, he is the go to guy for Spanish and he can even fake a little Portuguese.  He loves long races with nasty climbs and even the occasional sprint finish.  Coming to what he considers the 'country' and to the 'South', he has recently taken to the dirt with a new 29er.  Harrison did such a great job in such a short time that we recently promoted him to Store Manager.  Please stop by and give him a big DC welcome.

MIKE DAVIS: Operations Manager
If you see a beat-up old white Nissan truck with a Marine Corps sticker in the rear window, you can bet to find Mike present at Freshbikes. He was never actually a marine, but he has done everything there is to do in a bike shop, from working as a mechanic, on the floor in sales, in the back doing inventory management, and now as a partner at Freshbikes. Mike races for cycling team Squadra Coppi, and can also be found racing mountain bikes, cross cycling, or as a triathlete. Mike came to Freshbikes as THE original employee because he felt it was the “center of the DC cycling universe,” and where else would a cyclist want to be?

IAN KNABE: Assistant Manager Arlington, BG Fit Specialist
Originally from Boynton Beach, Florida and most recently from Gainesville, Ian is a big Gators fan.  He is a self proclaimed never was in the world of cyclocross and mountain bike racing, and is most proud that he never finished LAST at a Nationals event.  All kidding aside, We are really happy to have Ian here, as approaches work with a positive "can do" style and manner.  Before arriving at Freshbikes, Ian managed a shop in Gainesville and has ten years of bike shop experience with a passion for mountain bikes.

DANA STRYK: Fitting Specialist
Dana has been riding recreationally since childhood, and has been road racing since 2007 and recently added a hardtail to her growing collection of bikes. A former professor at George Washington University, Dana left teaching to run her own consulting business, and began working at Freshbikes in the fall 2008 and discovered working in a small business provided the opportunity to test some of the economic theories she taught for many years, as well as surround herself with dream-inspiring bike products. Dana is a Certified Personal Trainer and Specialized certified fit specialist. If you visit the shop with a canine companion, you will meet her in a matter of moments as she ignores everything to greet your dog.

“THE GREG” THOMAS: Technical Director
Dubbed “The Greg”, Greg’s is a 'bike whisperer' whose specialty is solving bicycle mysteries. Have a strange noise coming from the bottom bracket? The Greg will know why. Having worked on bikes professionally for about 18 years, Greg is certified through the Specialized Tech Masters Course, in DT Wheel Building, and as a Body Geometry Advanced Fitter, but most of his knowledge comes from a natural engineering curiosity. He rides mostly mountain bikes, and claims that “whatever The Greg happens to be riding at the time is the lightest and most bling mountain bike there is.” He appreciates that the Scott gives him the freedom to get the job done the best way possible, and feels lucky to be able to use some of the best tools available.

CURTIS PIPPINS: Service Manager and Master Mechanic Arlington
Now with the Arlington team for three years, Curtis comes to us from Winston Salem with 14 years of experience in the bike industry. With a wicked combination of totally pro mechanic abilities, and both willing and able to articulate his knowledge with clients, Curtis has been a key addition that has allowed us to reduce our repair turnaround time dramatically. While serving our clients with certifications from Mavic, Shimano Di2, Campy, SBCU, and Park Tools, we are also able to rely on him for insight on sale sales or product level as well. He is a former store manager, fitter, and service manager at other shops, Curtis is happy to be here and considers Freshbikes to be ‘the most pro shop he’s ever worked in..

Brad is a self-proclaimed bike addict. He debates with himself about whether his addiction to bikes is rooted in the unrivaled joy he gets from riding itself, or in his lifelong obsession with high-performance and cutting-edge bikes and parts. His love of bikes began when he first rode a bike with no training wheels. It was immediate, and it didn’t take long before Brad’s bike lust escalated far beyond just riding them. He has ridden competitively since he was a kid, and has spent the past 18 years coveting high-end bike parts. He began racing XC mountain bikes at age 11 and had some success as a junior in the Southeast in both mountain bike and road racing. He also began working as a mechanic in a shop at 12, mostly to help support the habit. Brad says, “To this day, I remain fascinated by the precision and mechanical harmony of high-performance bicycles. That’s why I love my job so much.”

LANCE RUSSELL: Master Mechanic and Master Wheelbuilder, Freshbikes Arlington
Joining the Freshbikes Arlington team in 2012, Lance is the newest addition to the already robust service department.  Coming from Texas by the way of Alaska, Lance is a true outdoorsman.  Camping, fishing, white water rafting, and epic cycling journeys are just a few of his hobbies that fill the hours outside of the shop.  From racing truly epic 100 mile mountain bike races on a single speed 29'er, to commuting to work in the worst weather imaginable, Lance has definitely proved his chops on two wheels.  He is a definite go-to for repairs, custom bike builds, and legit wheel builds.  Don't let his soft smile and Texas accent fool you, this guy is the real deal.

CLOVIS ANDERSON JR.: Service/Fitting Manager
Clovis joined Freshbikes in 2007 and quickly became indispensable.  Assuming the role as Lead Fitting Specialist in 2008, Clovis has attended numerous Fitting schools and symposiums to continue his education and bring value and experience back for our customers.  In 2011, Clovis became the mid-Atlantic’s first Certified BG FIT technician, and has fit literally thousands of riders. One of the first dozen or so to pass the new BG FIT certification standard, which is personally run by the Godfather of the BG FIT process, Dr Andy Pruitt.

Specifically addressing the needs of our many local triathletes, Clovis became a FIST (Fit Institute Slow Twitch) certified fitter in January of 2012.  Clovis has the experience, knowledge base, and tools to really help you increase power AND eliminate pain and discomfort on your bike. Helping the rider to better realize their full potential to achieving personal goals. Hailing from Brazil, Clovis is the former National Champion and an Olympian.  He was a professional cyclist from 1980 to 1992, and is certified by the UCI (International Cycling Union) as a cycling coach, specializing in track and road racing. Further credentials include studying under world renowned Spanish coach, Professor Jose Luiz Algarra  (coach to Pro-Tour icon Miguel Indurain during his then historic run as a five-times Tour de France Champion).  A certified mechanic by Cannondale, Park Tool, and Finish Line.

MIKE BLEAKLEY: Store Manager, FreshBikes Bethesda and Fit Specialist
While managing Toga Bikes in New York City, Mike developed a great ability to accomplish a lot in a small space.  A new Dad, Mike is the proud father of a beautiful little girl and has been in the DC area for about a year.  We are glad to have him, and are sure you will like him too.

DAVID NEUBAEUR: Assistant Store Manager, Freshbikes Bethesda
Dave is a long standing employee of our Bethesda store.  Showing great enthusiasm for our customers, bikes, and the industry, Dave continues to shine in Bethesda and occasionally assists at both our Northern Virginia store locations.  A passionate downhill mountain biker, Dave is still more than happy to rip it up on the road bike.

ALEX MANENTE: Service Manager and Master Mechanic Mosaic

Having spent a few years working as an auto mechanic for Cadillac, Alex has always enjoyed working on high-end products. He began his career as a bike mechanic over ten years ago, and is certified by Specialized through the Tech Masters Course. He has worked as a support technician for Race Across America and the Shenandoah 100. As a long-time friend of The Greg, Alex loves being able to work alongside his friends, with the best products, and in a fun atmosphere. Regarding Freshbikes bike shop, he says “there is no place like it.”