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World Class, Custom Bike Fitting

Very few bike shops can boast about their team of nationally recognized bike fitters.  With several top-notch bike fitters on premises, including a former Olympian, Freshbikes offers an unrivaled experience in custom fits.

Leaders in World Class, Custom Bike Fitting

We are committed to getting you the proper position on your bike.  Our fitting team at Freshbikes is led by our Fit Director, Clovis Anderson.  Clovis is the most skilled, and accomplished bike fitter in the region with the heart of a champion, and even more importantly, the patience of a saint.  A custom fit can allow you to ride faster, harder, farther, and in greater comfort than ever before.  A proper fit will reduce the risk of injury and stop the pain.  Most  bike shops gloss over bike fitting or use more intuition than actual science.  Clovis will be the first to tell you that consistent process and rider assessment is half the battle.  Freshbikes is proud to have access and six years of proficiency with the BG FIT DATA system pioneered by Specialized Bicycles, Dr Andy Pruitt, and Silicon Coach.

BG FIT Dual Angle Technical Assessment (DATA) system gives the rider the rare opportunity to see yourself riding your own bicycle from two camera angles.  With cameras both in front of the rider and from the side angle, the BG FIT DATA system allows the fitter to capture the rider’s body position and pedal stroke on video, perform a quantitative assessment and implement changes to the rider’s position with a high degree of precision. Allowing the rider to see the changes to their position from both angles concurrently, the rider participates in the fit process at a new level.  Powerful on-screen drawing tools allow the fitter to illustrate a rider’s ideal position. After a fit session with BG FIT DATA, riders are presented a detailed custom report that includes their critical measurements, photos, and videos so the rider can compare and quantify results from start to finish.

Freshbikes is constantly evaluating competing bicycle Fit systems on the market, and although there are clearly other platforms worth considering, such as Retul, we are now largely talking about which tool helps the Fitter most quickly arrive at the ideal position for the rider.  The philosophy and methodology of stack and reach is not really debated anymore but their is still much discussion of process and procedure.  Our belief is that it is a consistent approach, the experience and knowledge of the fitter, and the precise adjustments and the rider feedback which is most important to the process, not the tool (the camera/motion capture/data system) which allows him to better share his observations with the rider.  Definitely a fun debate in which we really enjoy during the off-season.

Each year, Freshbikes performs over 2,000 bicycle fit sessions, making us the region’s best place to get your custom bike fit.  Our staff has the volume, experience, training, and a powerfully diverse selection and inventory of all the fit related accessories to ensure you a timely and proper fit.

For more information about our fit services please see our Custom Fitting Menu or email our Fitting Director, Clovis Anderson directly.

Fitting Staff

Our staff is second to none in the region.  No other store has the experience the Freshbikes staff does in bicycle fitting.  We are the only shop around with staff that is certified in multiple fit programs, and we have a stable, mature team that are comfortable collaborating to reach ensure you leave happy!  We are truly the leading bike fitters in the mid-Atlantic.

Clovis Anderson, Jr. - Fitting Director, Bicycle Fit Specialist, Certified Mechanic, former Olympian and Pan American Cycling Champion

Clovis joined Freshbikes in 2007 and quickly became indispensable.  Assuming the role as Lead Fitting Specialist in 2008, Clovis has attended numerous Fitting schools and symposiums to continue his education and bring value and experience back for our customers.  In 2011, Clovis became the mid-Atlantic’s first Certified BG FIT technician, and has fit literally thousands of riders. One of the first dozen or so to pass the new BG FIT certification standard, which is personally run by the Godfather of the BG FIT process, Dr Andy Pruitt.

Specifically addressing the needs of our many local triathletes, Clovis became a FIST (Fit Institute Slow Twitch) certified fitter in January of 2012.  Clovis has the experience, knowledge base, and tools to really help you increase power AND eliminate pain and discomfort on your bike. Helping the rider to better realize their full potential to acheiving personal goals. Hailing from Brazil, Clovis is the former National Champion and an Olympian.  He was a professional cyclist from 1980 to 1992, and is certified by the UCI (International Cycling Union) as a cycling coach, specializing in track and road racing. Further credentials include studying under world renowned Spanish coach, Professor Jose Luiz Algarra  (coach to Pro-Tour icon Miguel Indurain during his then historic run as a five-times Tour de France Champion).  A certified mechanic by Cannondale, Park Tool, and Finish Line.

Suffice it to say, Clovis has an encyclopedic knowledge about bicycles and about athletes and their needs, but he is also both humble and extremely willing to help.

Greg Thomas - Technical Director, Freshbikes Arlington

Certified BG Fit Technician and Specialized Bicycle Component University Fit School graduate.

Ian Knabe - Fitting Specialist

Certified BG Fit Technician and Specialized Bicycle Component University Fit School graduate.